What Are The Etheric Realms ? Your Map to Self Discovery and Meaning

etheric realms

Etheric Realm Meaning

  • The concept of the etheric realms is related to energy and multiple planes of existence or dimensions.
  • It impacts both our inner and outer experiences.
  • Understanding and interacting with the etheric realm can help with self-discovery and gaining control over the exterior world
  • The energy in the etheric realm can be manipulated through evarious practices such as meditation, visulalization for positive results

The concept of etheric realms is closely related to energy and the idea that there are multiple planes of existence or dimensions that can be accessed through different levels of consciousness.

In some spiritual traditions, the etheric realms are believed to be a subtle, non-physical dimension that is closely connected to the physical world but exists at a higher frequency or vibration. It is sometimes described as an “intermediate” realm between the physical and spiritual dimensions, where thoughts and emotions can influence physical reality.

In the etheric realm, it is believed that everything comprises energy. This energy can be manipulated through various practices, such as meditation, visualization, and energy healing. Some also believe that beings, such as angels or spirit guides, inhabit the etheric realm and can offer guidance and support to those who seek it.

The etheric realm has been a source of fascination for many centuries. Its interaction with the physical world has been studied by philosophers, scientists, shamans, and spiritualists alike. Some believe that this the etheric realm has an influence on our lives in ways we may not even be aware of. Others believe it can heal illnesses and gain insight into our own lives and self-discovery.

Founder of Theosophy, Helena Blavatsky along with CW Leadbeater, Annie Besant and others have variously described the etheric realm or etheric plane as the layer or bridge between the physical and the spiritual modes of being.

Exploring Your Inner Landscape

We describe the Etheric Realm as a world of thought, feeling, and imagination. A world of dreams, visions, and intuitive knowing.

Yet, importantly, it is also a world of coherent structures and associations that we can use for self-discovery. A bridge between the physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions with its own symbolic language.

It is a world that co-exists with our physical reality and so it affects not only our inner but also the everyday outer world. Understand and interact with this realm, and you can also control and understand the exterior everyday world.

To explore the etheric realms and its language, there are certain tools that can help you on your journey of self knowledge. Tarot cards, crystals, chakras and meditation, are extremely helpful but they need to be connected to your life and de-coded to be used effectively.

Let us guide you through the etheric realms …

etheric realms journey

“First know yourself, then you will begin to understand why things are as they are, and why life is as it is.”

Leon Brown

Our aim is to help you with self-discovery, explore your inner landscape and learn how to gain control over your life simply and effectively.


Let us be a map of the Etheric Realms and be your guide to explore them and to help you find solutions to any problems you may have.


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