Energy Cords and Healing

etheric energy cords


Energy cords and healing are two interconnected concepts that have gained significant attention in recent years. Energy cords refer to the invisible ties that connect individuals on an energetic level, while healing pertains to the process of restoring balance and well-being. Understanding the dynamics of energy cords and utilizing healing techniques can have profound effects on personal growth and overall wellness.

Understanding Energy Cords: How They Relate to Healing

Energy cords are energetic connections that form between individuals, linking their energy fields together. These cords can be formed through various types of relationships, such as friendships, family ties, romantic partnerships, or even brief encounters with strangers. They serve as channels for the exchange of energy, emotions, and information between individuals.

Understanding energy cords is crucial in the context of healing because they can impact our well-being and contribute to emotional and energetic imbalances. When we interact with others, especially on an emotional level, energy cords can form. These cords act as conduits for the transfer of energy between individuals. For example, if we have a close friend who is going through a difficult time, we may find ourselves feeling drained or emotionally affected by their experiences. This is because our energy fields have become entangled through the formation of energy cords.

Healing through energy cords involves identifying and releasing any unhealthy or negative attachments that may be present in these energetic connections. By doing so, we can restore balance and harmony within ourselves and our relationships with others.

The Formation of Energy Cords: Connections Between Individuals

The formation of energy cords occurs naturally as a result of our interactions with others. These connections can be conscious or unconscious and are influenced by the quality and intensity of our relationships. Some common factors that contribute to the formation of energy cords include:

  • 1. Emotional Intensity: Strong emotions such as love, anger, or fear can create powerful energetic bonds between individuals.
  • 2. Shared Experiences: Going through significant events together can strengthen the energetic connection between people.
  • 3. Attachment: When we develop deep emotional attachments to someone, whether it’s a romantic partner or a close friend, strong energy cords tend to form.
  • 4. Unresolved Issues: If there are unresolved conflicts or unresolved emotions in a relationship, energy cords may persist and continue to influence both individuals.

It’s important to note that not all energy cords are negative or unhealthy. Positive connections can also form between individuals, contributing to feelings of love, support, and joy. However, it’s essential to be aware of the energetic dynamics in our relationships and discern whether certain energy cords are beneficial or detrimental to our well-being.

Physical Effects of Energy Cords

Energy cords can have various physical effects on an individual’s well-being. One common physical effect is a feeling of fatigue or low energy levels. When we have energetic cords attached to us, they act as drains, constantly sapping our vitality and leaving us feeling drained and exhausted.

Furthermore, energy cords can also manifest as physical pain or discomfort in certain areas of the body. These cords can create blockages in our energy flow, resulting in tension, stiffness, or even chronic pain. For instance, if we have an energy cord attached to our solar plexus chakra, we may experience digestive issues or stomachaches.

Techniques to Release Physical Energy Cords

To release physical energy cords and alleviate their negative impact on well-being, there are several techniques one can practice:

  1. Energetic cord cutting: This involves visualizing the energetic cord connecting you to another person or situation and mentally severing it with a metaphorical pair of scissors. You can imagine the cut cord falling away and dissolving into light.
  2. Grounding exercises: Engaging in grounding practices like walking barefoot on grass or soil, spending time in nature, or meditating while imagining roots growing from your feet into the Earth helps release unwanted energy cords and restore balance.
  3. Energy healing modalities: Seeking assistance from an energy healer who specializes in techniques such as Reiki or acupuncture can help identify and remove energy cords that are affecting your physical well-being.

Emotional and Mental Impact of Energy Cords

In addition to their physical effects, energy cords also have a significant impact on our emotional and mental well-being. These cords can act as channels for negative emotions, thoughts, and even toxic energies from others, leading to emotional instability and mental distress.

When we have energetic cords attached to us, we may find ourselves experiencing heightened levels of anxiety, stress, or depression that are not necessarily rooted in our own experiences. These emotions can be absorbed from the person or situation connected to the cord, making it challenging to maintain emotional balance.

Strategies for Releasing Emotional Energy Cords

To release emotional energy cords and restore emotional well-being, consider implementing the following strategies:

  • Self-reflection and awareness: Take time to reflect on your emotions and identify any patterns or triggers that may be associated with energy cords. Increased self-awareness allows you to recognize when you are being influenced by external energies.
  • Emotional release techniques: Engage in practices like journaling, deep breathing exercises, or talking to a trusted friend or therapist about your emotions. These techniques help release pent-up emotions associated with energy cords.
  • Energetic cleansing rituals: Perform rituals such as smudging with sage, taking salt baths, or using crystals like black tourmaline or selenite to cleanse your energy field and remove any lingering emotional energy cords.

The negative impact of energy cords on well-being is multi-faceted, affecting individuals physically, emotionally, and mentally. By understanding these impacts and utilizing various techniques for releasing energy cords, individuals can regain their vitality and restore balance in their lives.

Energy Cord Awareness

Before one can effectively identify and release energy cords, it is essential to develop a heightened sense of energy cord awareness. This involves becoming attuned to the subtle energetic connections that exist between individuals and recognizing when these connections may be draining or limiting personal growth.

One technique for cultivating energy cord awareness is through mindfulness and meditation practices. By regularly taking time to quiet the mind and tune into one’s own energetic state, individuals can begin to notice any sensations or emotions that arise in connection with specific people or situations. This heightened awareness helps in identifying potential energy cords that may be present.

Identifying Energy Cords

Once energy cord awareness has been developed, the next step is to actively identify the specific energy cords that are affecting one’s well-being. This can be done through self-reflection and introspection, as well as seeking guidance from experienced practitioners or therapists who specialize in energy work.

Self-Reflection Techniques

  • Journaling: Keeping a journal dedicated to exploring one’s relationships and emotional experiences can provide valuable insights into the presence of energy cords. By noting patterns, recurring themes, and any feelings of attachment or dependency, individuals can begin to unravel the dynamics of their energetic connections.
  • Meditative Visualization: During meditation, one can visualize themselves surrounded by a protective bubble of light while observing any energetic attachments extending from their body. This visualization practice helps bring attention to existing energy cords and allows for a deeper understanding of their nature.

Seeking Guidance

For those who require additional support in identifying energy cords, seeking guidance from experienced practitioners or therapists can be immensely helpful. These professionals are trained to recognize and interpret energetic patterns, providing valuable insights into the specific cords that may be impacting an individual’s well-being.

Releasing Energy Cords

Once energy cords have been identified, it is important to release them in order to restore personal energy and promote emotional well-being. There are various techniques and practices available for releasing energy cords, each with its own unique approach.

Cord Cutting Ritual

A common practice for releasing energy cords is through a cord cutting ritual. This involves visualizing the cord connecting oneself to another person or situation and then using a symbolic tool, such as a pair of scissors or a sword, to sever the cord in one swift motion. This visualization technique represents the intentional release of any energetic attachments.

Energy Clearing Techniques

  • Smudging: Using sacred herbs, such as sage or palo santo, to cleanse one’s energetic space can help remove any residual energy from released cords.
  • Energetic Healing Modalities: Seeking assistance from practitioners who specialize in energetic healing modalities, such as Reiki or acupuncture, can aid in clearing and balancing the body’s energy system.

It is important to note that while these techniques can be effective in releasing energy cords, they should always be approached with intention and respect for all parties involved.

Types of Energy Cords

There are various types of energy cords that go beyond human connections. One common type is the cord that forms between a person and an object they have a strong emotional attachment to, like a cherished piece of jewelry or a sentimental item. This cord acts as an energetic link between the individual and the object, carrying their emotions and memories. Another type of energy cord exists between individuals and certain places. Have you ever visited a place and felt an immediate sense of connection or belonging? That feeling could be attributed to an energetic cord forming between you and that location. This connection can be particularly strong in ancestral lands or places where significant events occurred.

The Impact of Energy Cords

Energy cords, regardless of their origin, can have both positive and negative effects on our lives. Positive energy cords can provide us with support, love, and inspiration. They help us feel connected to others and foster feelings of unity. On the other hand, negative energy cords can drain our energy and create unhealthy attachments. These cords may form due to unresolved conflicts or toxic relationships. They can lead to feelings of dependency, emotional turmoil, or even physical ailments. It is essential to be aware of the different types of energy cords we may have in order to maintain healthy boundaries and protect our well-being. By understanding these connections beyond human interactions alone, we open ourselves up to a deeper exploration of how our energies intertwine with the world around us.

Understanding Energy Cords

Energy cords are subtle energetic connections that form between individuals, objects, or situations. These cords can be positive or negative, depending on the nature of the relationship or interaction. Positive energy cords nourish and support us, while negative ones drain our energy and create emotional distress. These cords can be formed through past traumas, unresolved conflicts, or unhealthy attachments.

Types of Energy Cords

There are various types of energy cords that can affect our well-being. Emotional cords are formed through intense emotions such as love, anger, or fear. Karmic cords connect us to people with whom we have unfinished business from past lives. Ancestral cords link us to our family lineage and can carry both positive and negative influences. Energetic attachments to places or objects also create cords that impact our energy field.

Physical Signs of Unhealthy Energy Cords

One of the physical signs that you may have unhealthy energy cords is experiencing chronic fatigue or a lack of energy. This can manifest as feeling tired all the time, even after getting enough sleep. Another physical symptom is having frequent headaches or migraines that do not have any apparent medical cause. Additionally, you may notice that your body feels heavy or weighed down, as if carrying a burden that is not your own.

Emotional Signs of Unhealthy Energy Cords

Emotionally, there are several signs that can indicate the presence of unhealthy energy cords. One common sign is feeling emotionally drained or overwhelmed for no apparent reason. You may also find yourself experiencing sudden mood swings or intense emotions that seem to come out of nowhere. Another emotional symptom can be an inexplicable sense of fear, anxiety, or sadness without any identifiable trigger.

Behavioral Signs of Unhealthy Energy Cords

Unhealthy energy cords can also impact your behavior and actions in various ways. For example, you might notice yourself becoming more easily influenced by others and losing touch with your own desires and boundaries. You may find it challenging to say no to others or assert your needs and preferences. Another behavioral sign is experiencing a lack of motivation or enthusiasm for activities that used to bring you joy.

Effects on Relationships

Unhealthy energy cords can significantly affect your relationships with others. One effect is feeling drained after spending time with certain individuals, as if they are sucking the energy out of you. You might also notice patterns of codependency or enabling behaviors in your relationships, where you constantly prioritize others’ needs over your own well-being. These energy cords can create imbalances and power dynamics within relationships, leading to resentment and unhappiness.

How to Break Unhealthy Energy Cords

Breaking unhealthy energy cords is essential for your well-being. One way to do this is by practicing energetic cord-cutting techniques, such as visualization or energy healing modalities like Reiki. Setting clear boundaries and learning to say no are also crucial in breaking these cords. Surrounding yourself with positive and supportive individuals can help replace the unhealthy energy cords with healthier connections. Self-care practices, such as meditation, journaling, and engaging in activities that bring you joy, can also support the process of releasing and healing from these cords.

Cutting Off Energy Cords: Does it Sever Relationships?

Understanding Energy Cords

Energy cords refer to the energetic connections we form with other individuals, whether they are family members, friends, or romantic partners. These cords can be positive, nurturing, and supportive, but they can also become draining or toxic. When we talk about cutting off energy cords, we are referring to the intentional process of severing these energetic ties in order to protect our well-being and maintain healthy relationships.

The Impact on Relationships

Cutting off energy cords does not necessarily mean severing relationships completely. It is important to understand that while energy cords contribute to the dynamics within a relationship, they are not the sole determining factor. By consciously cutting off negative or draining energy cords, we create an opportunity for healthier and more balanced connections. When we release unhealthy attachments through cord-cutting practices such as visualization or energy healing techniques, we allow space for personal growth and transformation within ourselves and our relationships. This process enables us to set boundaries, establish healthier patterns of interaction, and foster mutual respect.

Benefits of Cutting Off Energy Cords

1. Increased self-awareness: Cutting off energy cords prompts us to reflect on our own emotions and behaviors within relationships. It encourages introspection and helps us recognize patterns that may be detrimental to our well-being.

2. Emotional liberation: Letting go of negative energy cords frees us from emotional baggage that may have been weighing us down. It allows us to experience emotional freedom and cultivate a sense of inner peace.

3. Enhanced personal growth: By consciously choosing which energy cords to sever, we prioritize our own personal growth and development. This empowers us to focus on fulfilling our own needs rather than being constantly influenced by others.

4. Improved relationship dynamics: Cutting off unhealthy energy cords can lead to improved relationship dynamics. It allows both parties to establish healthier boundaries, communicate more effectively, and foster a more balanced and fulfilling connection. In conclusion, cutting off energy cords does not necessarily sever relationships completely. Instead, it provides an opportunity for personal growth, emotional liberation, and improved relationship dynamics.

By consciously choosing which energy cords to release, we can create space for healthier connections and cultivate a sense of well-being within ourselves and our relationships.

The Benefits of Strengthening Positive Energy Cords

When we consciously work on strengthening our positive energy cords, we invite more positivity into our lives. This can result in increased feelings of happiness, improved relationships, enhanced self-esteem, and a greater sense of purpose. By nurturing these energetic connections, we create a harmonious flow of positive energy that supports our well-being and helps us navigate life’s challenges with resilience.

  • Increased Happiness: Strengthening positive energy cords allows us to tap into the joy and happiness that comes from connecting with people and experiences that bring us fulfillment.
  • Improved Relationships: By reinforcing the positive energy cords we have with loved ones, friends, and colleagues, we cultivate deeper connections and foster healthier relationships.
  • Enhanced Self-Esteem: Strengthening positive energy cords helps us recognize our own worthiness and value. This boosts self-esteem and promotes a positive self-image.
  • Greater Sense of Purpose: When we actively nurture the positive energy cords associated with activities or causes that align with our passions and values, we experience a heightened sense of purpose in life.

Practices for Strengthening Positive Energy Cords

There are several practices you can incorporate into your daily routine to strengthen your positive energy cords:

Mindfulness Meditation:

Engaging in mindfulness meditation allows you to cultivate awareness of your positive energy cords. By focusing your attention on the present moment and acknowledging the positive connections in your life, you can strengthen these cords and amplify their effects.

Expressing Gratitude:

Expressing gratitude for the people, experiences, and things that bring positivity into your life is a powerful way to strengthen your positive energy cords. Take time each day to reflect on what you are grateful for and express your appreciation either through journaling or by directly communicating it to others.

Engaging in Activities That Bring Joy:

Make a conscious effort to engage in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment. This could be pursuing hobbies, spending time with loved ones, or participating in activities that align with your passions. By prioritizing these activities, you reinforce the positive energy cords associated with them.

Cultivating Positive Relationships:

Nurture your relationships by investing time and effort into building deeper connections with loved ones, friends, and colleagues. Engage in open communication, practice active listening, and offer support when needed. These actions strengthen the positive energy cords between individuals and contribute to overall well-being. By implementing these practices consistently, you can strengthen your positive energy cords and experience improved well-being on multiple levels.

Understanding Energy Cords

Energy cords are energetic connections that form between individuals when they interact with each other. These cords can be positive or negative, depending on the nature of the relationship and the energy exchanged. In the case of past traumas, energy cords may develop between the victim and the perpetrator or even between the victim and their own emotions surrounding the event.

These energy cords can have a significant impact on a person’s emotional and mental well-being. They can keep individuals stuck in patterns of pain, fear, and resentment, preventing them from fully healing from past traumas. Releasing these attached energy cords is an essential step in the healing process as it allows individuals to regain their personal power and move forward towards recovery.

The Process of Releasing Attached Energy Cords

Releasing attached energy cords involves consciously identifying and severing these energetic connections. Here are some steps to guide you through this process:

1. Self-Reflection

  • Take time to reflect on your past traumas and identify any lingering emotions or attachments you may have towards them.
  • Recognize any patterns or recurring thoughts that keep you tied to those experiences.

2. Visualization and Intention Setting

  • Sit in a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed and close your eyes.
  • Imagine yourself surrounded by a protective bubble of light or visualize roots grounding you to the earth.
  • Set an intention to release all attached energy cords related to your past traumas.

3. Cord Cutting Ritual

  • Mentally visualize each energy cord connected to your body representing different aspects of your past trauma.
  • One by one, imagine cutting these cords with a symbolic tool like scissors or a sword.
  • As you sever each cord, affirm your intention to let go of the emotional baggage associated with that trauma.

Remember, this process may require repeated practice and patience. It is essential to be gentle with yourself as you navigate through the healing journey.

Understanding Remote Healing

Remote healing, also known as distance healing, is a practice where energy healing techniques are used to work with individuals who are not physically present. It involves the manipulation of energy cords or connections that exist between the healer and the recipient. These energy cords act as pathways through which healing energy can flow, even without physical proximity.

The Power of Energy Cords

Energy cords are subtle energetic connections that form between individuals, allowing for the exchange of emotions, thoughts, and energy. They can be created through various interactions such as relationships, conversations, or even shared experiences. These cords can carry both positive and negative energies and have a significant impact on our well-being. When it comes to remote healing, understanding the power of these energy cords becomes crucial. By working with these cords in a focused manner, healers can transmit healing energy to the recipient regardless of their physical location. Some common techniques used in remote healing include visualization, intention setting, and channeling universal life force energy through specific hand positions or symbols. These practices enable healers to tap into the energetic connection established by the presence of these energy cords.

Benefits of Remote Healing

Remote healing offers several benefits for both healers and recipients:

1. Flexibility: With remote healing, there is no need for physical proximity between the healer and recipient. This allows for greater flexibility in scheduling sessions and eliminates geographical limitations.

2. Comfort: Recipients can receive healing from the comfort of their own homes or preferred environments. They can relax in familiar surroundings during the session, enhancing their receptivity to the healing energies.

3. Privacy: Remote healing provides privacy for those who may feel more comfortable receiving treatment without being physically present in a clinic or therapy room. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals dealing with sensitive issues or seeking emotional support.

4. Focus on Energetic Connection: By working solely with energy cords and the energetic connection between the healer and recipient, remote healing can intensify the focus on the core issues or imbalances that need healing. It allows for a deeper exploration of the energetic aspects without distractions from physical cues.

Overall, remote healing expands the possibilities of energy work by transcending physical boundaries and emphasizing the power of energetic connections. It enables healers to extend their reach and offer support to individuals who may not have access to in-person sessions, opening up new avenues for healing and growth.

1. Physical and Emotional Drain

Working with energy cords for healing can sometimes result in physical and emotional drain. When we engage in cord cutting or energy clearing practices, we are essentially releasing energetic attachments that may have been draining our own life force energy. This process can be intense and may leave us feeling tired, emotionally sensitive, or even physically ill.

It is important to take care of ourselves after working with energy cords by practicing self-care activities such as rest, gentle exercise, nourishing foods, and engaging in activities that bring us joy. Additionally, seeking support from a trusted healer or therapist can provide guidance and assistance during this potentially challenging time.

Some tips to manage physical and emotional drain after working with energy cords:

  • Rest and allow yourself time to recover.
  • Engage in activities that promote relaxation and stress reduction, such as meditation or deep breathing exercises.
  • Eat nutritious meals to replenish your body’s energy.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  • Seek emotional support from loved ones or professionals if needed.

2. Unintended Consequences

Working with energy cords for healing carries the risk of unintended consequences. While the intention may be to release negative attachments or unhealthy energetic connections, it is possible that other aspects of our lives may be affected as well. Sometimes when we cut cords, we also sever positive connections or bonds that were beneficial for our growth and well-being.

To minimize the potential for unintended consequences, it is crucial to approach cord cutting with clear intentions and mindfulness. Before engaging in any cord cutting practices, it is recommended to set the intention of releasing only what no longer serves our highest good while preserving and strengthening the positive connections that support our well-being.

Guidelines to minimize unintended consequences:

  • Set clear intentions before engaging in cord cutting or energy clearing practices.
  • Focus on releasing only what is no longer serving your highest good.
  • Use visualization techniques to visualize the cords being cut cleanly and smoothly, without affecting positive connections.
  • Regularly check in with yourself and assess the effects of cord cutting to ensure it aligns with your overall well-being.

Timeframe for Results in Releasing and Healing through Energy Cords

Factors Affecting the Timeframe

The timeframe for releasing and healing through energy cords can vary depending on several factors. These factors include the intensity of the energetic connection, the level of emotional attachment, the individual’s willingness to let go, and their overall energetic state. It is important to note that every person’s experience is unique, and therefore, the timeframe may differ from one individual to another.

The Intensity of the Energetic Connection

The strength of the energetic cords between individuals plays a significant role in determining how long it takes to release and heal through them. If the connection is deep-rooted or has been present for an extended period, it may take more time and effort to untangle and dissolve these cords. On the other hand, if the energetic bond is relatively weak or recent, it might be easier to detach from it.

The Level of Emotional Attachment

Emotional attachment can greatly influence the timeframe for releasing energy cords. The stronger the emotional ties between individuals, such as in romantic relationships or close friendships, the more time it may take to let go completely. Deep-seated emotions like love, anger, or grief associated with these connections can prolong the healing process as they need to be acknowledged and processed before detachment can occur.

Timeframe Estimates

While there is no fixed timeline for releasing and healing through energy cords due to its subjective nature, some general estimates can provide a rough idea:

1. Short-term Connections: For relatively minor or recent connections with minimal emotional attachment, individuals may experience noticeable shifts within a few weeks or even days of actively working on cord release techniques.

2. Moderate-term Connections: In cases where there are moderate levels of emotional attachment or connections that have been present for a few months to a year, it may take several weeks or a couple of months of consistent energy work and self-reflection to release and heal through the cords.

3. Long-term Connections: For deep-rooted connections, such as familial bonds or long-lasting relationships, the process of releasing and healing through energy cords can take several months or even years. These connections often require continuous inner work, therapy, and personal growth to fully detach and find closure.

It is crucial to remember that these estimates are not set in stone and can vary depending on individual circumstances. The most important aspect is to approach the healing journey with patience, self-compassion, and an open mind, allowing oneself the time needed for complete release and healing.

1. Crystals and Gemstones

Crystals and gemstones are powerful tools that can assist in energy cord work by amplifying intentions and promoting healing. Certain stones, such as amethyst, clear quartz, or black tourmaline, have protective properties that can help to dissolve negative energy cords and create a shield of positive energy around you. To use crystals in energy cord work, you can place them on the affected areas or hold them in your hands while visualizing the release of the cords. Additionally, wearing crystal jewelry like necklaces or bracelets can provide ongoing support throughout the healing process.

2. Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries to enhance spiritual practices and promote emotional well-being. When it comes to energy cord work, specific essential oils can aid in releasing attachments and restoring balance. Oils such as lavender, frankincense, or rosemary possess purifying properties that can help cleanse energetic cords. You can apply these oils topically to the affected areas or use them in a diffuser during meditation sessions to create a soothing environment for cord release.

3. Ritual Baths

Ritual baths are an excellent way to cleanse not only your physical body but also your energetic field. By infusing bathwater with herbs like sage, rose petals, or sea salt, you can create a sacred space for cord removal and healing. As you soak in the water, visualize any unwanted cords dissolving and being washed away by the purifying elements of the bath. Adding candles or calming music can further enhance the ritual experience.

Benefits of Using Tools and Rituals in Energy Cord Work:

– Amplify intentions: Tools like crystals and essential oils serve as catalysts for intention-setting during cord work. – Supportive atmosphere: Engaging in rituals like ritual baths creates a conducive environment for healing and releasing energetic attachments. – Enhanced focus: The use of tools and rituals helps to direct your attention towards the healing process, allowing for deeper introspection and connection with your energy. Using these tools and rituals in conjunction with energy cord work can greatly aid in the healing process, facilitating the release of negative attachments and promoting overall well-being.


In conclusion, understanding and harnessing the power of energy cords is vital in the context of healing. These energetic connections between individuals can impact our well-being and contribute to emotional and energetic imbalances. By identifying and releasing any unhealthy or negative attachments within these cords, we can restore balance, harmony, and unleash our true potential for healing.


“The Power of Energy Cords in Healing: Unleashing the True Potential” This article explores the significance of energy cords in the healing process and how they can unleash one’s true potential for healing. It delves into the meaning and purpose of etheric cords, particularly in relation to healing and the connection between twin flames. The article also discusses how cutting ethereal cords contributes to the healing journey and unlocks hidden potential. It highlights the impact of energy cords on healing dynamics between individuals and different relationships. Practical techniques for harnessing the power of energy cords in healing are provided, along with insights on how understanding etheric cords enhances the healing process. The article also touches upon rituals or practices associated with healing through energy cords, as well as their influence on emotional and spiritual aspects of healing. Potential challenges or obstacles one might encounter when working with energy cords are addressed, along with suggestions on cultivating a deeper understanding and awareness to maximize their healing potential.


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