The Root Chakra or muladhara

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The first Chakra is called the root Chakra or muladhara and represents foundation.

At the base of the spine, the root chakra serves as a base for the rest of the Chakras. It binds us to the earth, keeping us stable and grounded.

What does muladhara or root chakra mean ?

Muladhara is the sancrit word for “root and basis of Existence.”(Mula means root and adhara means basis.)The Root Chakra is most related to the element of earth – a literal and figurative association with grounding.

What colour represents the root chakra ?

The colour of the root chakra is red associated with the primal it is a dense colour that is like one of our most basic components: blood

What does the root chakra do ?

The root Chakra controls our confidence, strength, and digestive health.
As the primary chakra it also represents our primary and basic needs like food, water, shelter, safety but also our emotional needs for interconnection.
Because our Chakras are sequential opening this one will allow us to proceed to the next.

How can I tell if my Root chakra is blocked ?

Anxiety or stress can lead to our root chakra being blocked, which can lead to a multitude of deficiencies and imbalances: greed, avarice, feeling insecure,cynicism and eating disorders, to name a few. You could also feel you are in danger or feel paranoid.

How can I heal or unblock my root chakra ?

One way to open this chakra and thus dispense of these negative emotions is to “root” yourself. If you can, go to a safe environment where you feel at ease and surround yourself with earthy objects and colours, reminding you of nature’s stability. Even better, if you can walk barefoot on some grass or earth before meditation focusing your mind on your core and nature.
You could also partake in earth related activities such as gardening or hiking

Healing Power affirmations

I am deeply rooted
I am safe and secure
I am connected to my body
I nurture my body with healthy food, clean water, exercise, relaxation, and connection with nature