High Priestess As Feelings: A Window to Our Emotions

high priestess tarot card as emotions

The High Priestess tarot card often stirs a sense of deep curiosity and wonder in me. When it appears in a tarot reading, it can signal to me that it’s time to listen more closely to my inner voice and feelings. But what exactly does this mean? Let’s explore how the High Priestess, as feelings, relates to our everyday lives.

The Essence of the High Priestess

The High Priestess sits between the known and the unknown, a symbol of the threshold one must cross to access the secrets of the inner self. She is often seen as a guide to our subconscious, asking us to tap into our intuition rather than rely solely on logical thought.

Intuition and Insight

When you think of the High Priestess as feelings, imagine her as your inner voice that whispers truths too soft for the hustle and bustle of daily life to hear. She represents an invitation to pause and reflect, urging us to trust our instincts and feelings. This card could appear during times when you need to pay attention to your dreams or when your gut feelings are particularly strong.

High Priestess as feelings, imagine her as your inner voice that whispers truths too soft for the hustle and bustle of daily life to hear

Embracing the Unknown

The High Priestess encourages us to embrace the unknown aspects of our lives with calmness and serenity. This doesn’t mean throwing caution to the wind, but rather being open to the mysteries and uncertainties life throws our way. She teaches us that not everything has to be visible or clear for it to hold value.

Connecting with the Divine Feminine

This tarot card is deeply connected to the divine feminine — an energy that all of us, regardless of gender, can channel. The divine feminine is linked with qualities like intuition, patience, and empathy. In feelings, this translates to nurturing your emotional well-being and embracing sensitivity as a strength.

Table of Symbolic Correspondence for High Priestess as Feelings

This table connects various symbols of the High Priestess card to aspects of emotions and feelings, underlining the card’s role as a gateway to deeper emotional insight and understanding.

SymbolCorrespondenceRelevance to Feelings
MoonIntuition, EmotionsReflects the connection to the subconscious and emotional responsiveness.
WaterFluidity, Depth of EmotionSymbolizes the deep, often unexplored layers of feelings.
VeilHidden Truths, SecretsRepresents the barriers between conscious understanding and deeper truths, requiring introspection to uncover.
Scroll/BookKnowledge, WisdomIndicates the untapped and esoteric knowledge within, linked to inner wisdom and insight.
PillarsDuality, BalanceSignifies the balance between opposites, mirroring the balance needed between emotion and reason.
Blue and White ColorsTranquility, PurityBlue often stands for calmness and depth of understanding, while white suggests clarity and purity of intention.
PomegranatesFertility, AbundanceThese fruits symbolize the richness and potential of tapping into one’s own emotional depths.
RobeProtection, Sacred DutyImplies a shield against outer influences, highlighting the importance of self-reflection and emotional integrity.
Crescent Moon at FeetBeginnings, PotentialRepresents the potential of new emotional insights and growth from understanding one’s deeper feelings.

Practical Applications

So, how can you apply the lessons of the High Priestess in everyday life? Start by listening more intently to your inner self. This might mean meditating, keeping a dream journal, or simply taking a few moments each day to sit quietly and check in with your feelings. When faced with decisions, consider not only what your mind thinks but also what your heart feels.

Final Thoughts

The High Priestess challenges us to explore beyond the surface of our conscious minds and tap into the vast ocean of our subconscious. By interpreting the High Priestess as feelings, we learn to value our intuition and the rich tapestry of insights it offers. Next time this card appears in a reading, take it as a sign to listen more deeply to your inner world — it might just have something important to say.

In the grand scheme of things, the High Priestess teaches us that the journey to understanding our deepest feelings can be as revealing as any external adventure. Let her wisdom guide you to a fuller, more introspective life.


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