Beginner’s guide to your first crystals

close up photo of assorted crystals

When we’re talking about the best crystals for beginners to get, it is not so much about some crystals being easier to use than others, but more about the ones that have uses beginners are often interested in. The cost of crystals, ones that are popular and easy to find, and crystals that come with a wide range of healing properties are going to be best for beginners.


Often known for its healing and calming energy, amethyst is an ideal crystal to start with. This crystal is easy to find and often affordable, so it is great for beginners who might be on a budget. Amethyst provides a long list of healing abilities for your mind, body, and spirit. It can help with sleep, improving your memory, and reducing headaches. Amethyst is also used in spiritual practices for calming and more awareness, particularly during meditation.

Clear Quartz

Another excellent crystal for beginners who are just starting their spiritual practice is clear quartz. This is also known as a healing crystal in addition to amethyst. People who are just starting to look at crystals and have no idea what they are looking at are frequently drawn to clear quartz simply with their own intuition. Clear quarts is known as a master healer crystal, so you are often drawn to it. It is extremely powerful and a wonderful crystal to use when you are working on spiritual growth and getting rid of negative energy from your life.

Rose Quartz

If you are starting your spiritual practice and want to increase harmony in your life, find love, or seek out friendship, rose quartz is the crystal for you. This crystal is known as the love stone, which is why it is used so often for manifesting and focusing on love and relationships. But it doesn’t have to be just romantic love. You can also improve friendships and other familial relationships in your life, feel a stronger bond with people, and have a comforting energy.


Selenite is another excellent crystal for people who are starting their path to spiritual growth. This crystal is often used for increasing awareness and gaining clarity. It is frequently used when doing tarot spreads, meditating, or charging with the full moon to be used for manifestations. It is also a cleansing crystal, so you can rid yourself of negative energy by using selenite.

Once you have acquired your crystals you should cleanse them before using.


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