Beginning Meditation – in two minutes!

Meditation is simple!

It is simple to meditate–yet it can give very positive effects and benefits to your psyche and body and daily life. It is a time that should be for you.

The practice of meditation facilitates observing your emotions and thoughts and also it allows you to control the messaging that goes on in your mind. The benefits of meditation practice are manifold, including reducing mental stress and reducing physical ailments like high blood pressure.

How to meditate – the basics

  1. Set your intention to meditate – that means saying to yourself that you are going to relax and meditate!
  2. Get comfortable either laying down, sitting or standing
  3. Move your awareness to your body – simply think about your physical body and where you are at the moment – think “body relax
  4. Bring your attention to the breath and notice its rhythm
  5. Focus on the now – not on what has happened or what might happen
  6. Be mindful but not critical of your thoughts – to start, there is nothing wrong with letting your mind wander – you can always return your attention to your breath
  7. When you feel you have had enough, stop but try again tomorrow

Try our free Two Minute Guided Meditation

Meditation isn’t difficult. Nor is it complicated. It’s all about taking time for yourself. We have produced a short two minute guided meditation for you. Download it and play it whenever you feel the need. Try it for a week every day and see how it makes you feel.

There is really no good or bad way to practice meditation – some methods and techniques may be more suited for different types of meditation but it is something that you learn from doing

Using Meditation for self transformation

Many of us are slaves to our minds – subconscious thoughts that have developed naturally throughout our years sometimes can define us. This can be positive, but not all of them are good or even based on reality. Meditation allows us to bring these subconscious notions back into question and replace them with your own messaging and programming. 

As the saying goes, “before you can do it, you must be it”. If you wish to become a more positive human, you must change the messaging of your mind and train it to become as you wish.

Some of you may be confused – after all meditation is about discipline and silencing the mind.

How am I supposed to still my mind and yet program it to work for me?

Types of Meditation

We can identify two forms of meditations : goal oriented meditation and introspective meditation. One is used to cultivate a mindset while the other detoxes emotions and allows one to see the world beyond your own habitual perceptions.

Depending on your goal, there are many tips and tricks you can follow

First, using calming music can be great for getting your mind into a certain state. I like to use ambient electronic sounds such as “under the ice” or “songs of crystals”.

The first time you decide to meditate, you will probably feel impatient. You may wonder how long long you have been doing it for or how long there is to go. Therefore, we suggest setting a timer for 10-20 minutes. This way our mind stops thinking about the time. You can also try one of our guided audio mediations.

Focus simply on your breathing and the mechanics of breathing.

If you are trying to train the mind to adopt a certain view, we recommend repeating a mantra or sentence relevant to your goal. For example, if you wish to be more confident, try regularly chanting “I am strong, I am confident” over in your head or even aloud if you wish.

The Meditation Habit

Like any muscle, the mind needs training and it must be done somewhat regularly – so try to meditate at least once a week.

 If you can’t do this, don’t be disheartened. Do as much as you can and try to integrate it into your routine. I always found that meditating before a workout would help me focus and have more discipline, even if it’s only for 20 min!  

So don’t wait any longer to take back control of your life!