Start Your Esoteric Journey!

First of all I would like to congratulate you on taking your first step in the Etherical realm

I know it can be quite daunting to approach the spiritual domain, especially with so much information out there and none of it particularly well organised. That is why we have created this path for you to follow. These first steps will allow you to learn techniques which allow you to accomplish your goal. 

Don’t be too worried about which one you start or if you don’t learn every technique before moving to the next step, after all it is the journey that matters not the destination. 

So why should I walk this path ? 

If you are feeling  directionless and/ or stagnant in life ? Can you not shake that feeling that you aren’t doing what you are supposed to be doing ? That your potential isn’t being utilised or that you feel like your life force is slowly draining away? If so then I strongly invite you to walk this path with me.

I was directionless and was living an empty life before I began my esoteric journey and became fulfilled.  

That is why we here at Ethereal realms are here to help you find and get on the right path 

Now I want to start by saying there is no quick fix and like any journey worth undertaking it needs preparation!

While modern life has made our lives greater than many of our ancestors, it has also come at the price of rejecting anything spiritual. Our ancestors didn’t have much but they did embrace spirituality and ritualised behaviour that allowed them to find their path and have a sense of belonging in the world. Here at ethereal realms we can help you rediscover this 

The tools you will need is to first learn to commune with your inner self 

Learn to align and plan your goals in tangent with spiritually potent phenomen 

And thirdly learn to cultivate certain energies through rituals and symbolism 

We will go into much greater details on tools that can be used to achieve one one of these three goals, feel free to explore this site which i hope will become your new home.